A Space with possibilities.

We often treat the city center as a place of work and leisure. However, the potential of this area is undeniably bigger. This space lends itself naturally to living. Especially today, as the pace of life is accelerating, and it is more difficult to find the work – life balance. Looking for the answer to save our valuable time and dedicate it to those things truly important to us, the city comes to mind, opening up a number of possibilities for us. Starting from the availability and proximity of diverse infrastructure, through an extensive network of communication, to secluded green and recreational areas. It encourages you to take full advantage of these benefits.

The First District arises

in the heart of Katowice.

The First District arises in the heart of Katowice.

My place.

New residents have the chance to positively revive this space and add an energy and vitality which will emphasize its metropolitan character. The open composition of the investment, considering the creation of walking paths and cycling routes, is a step towards the reintegration of this area within the rest of the surrounding city. This idea is complemented by the desire to create a space which all city residents benefit from, as well as the outside visitors ready discover new areas.

For us, an apartment is more than just walls and floors. It represents your life, compiled from millions of fleeting moments. The daily walk with your dog, shopping at the greengrocer’s, playing with your child. We believe that the residents of the First District, thanks to the facilities we have proposed, will be able to fully enjoy these prosaic, though so often desired moments.


Find out more.

Do you want to get to know the First District without leaving your home? Download the investment catalog. You will find there materials that have not been published anywhere else, including an in-depth interview with Przemo Łukasik from the Medusagroup studio. You will also discover interesting facts about the housing estate and its neighborhood. Enjoy reading.

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